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Real Estate Litigation

real estate litigation

We have handled many cases involving disputes concerning real estate, including failed or unconsummated transactions, ownership, conflicting rights, breached restrictions and covenants, and fraud and misrepresentation claims. We have a team experienced in the valuation of almost every type of real property, including retail centers, apartments, industrial properties, office buildings, hotels, convenience stores, mobile home parks, subdivisions, ranches, mixed use developments and special purpose properties.

Relevant Experience

We represented the prospective buyer of multi-million-dollar Hill County ranch on the Lampasas River. The seller passed away before the transaction could close. A dispute arose between the heirs of the seller. We shepherded the sale through probate court, which required in large part resolving the decades-long dispute between the heirs. The sale ultimately closed on terms even better than originally agreed. We also negotiated an option contract on a parcel contiguous to the main tract which provided greatly improved access to the ranch. After the main tract closed, the option was exercised, which increased the value of all the parcels considerably.

We also represented a joint-tenant property owner in a dispute concerning the ongoing operations of a working ranch in San Saba, Texas. The partners each alleged misconduct by the other. We engaged in extensive discovery and, combined with our valuation of the various parcels, we negotiated a settlement on confidential terms favorable to our client.