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Probate Litigation

probate litigation

We have represented clients in million-dollar trust and estate litigation. These cases involve not only expertise in litigation generally, but also awareness of the dynamics involved in interfamily disputes. We provide aggressive representation of clients involved in these disputes while attempting to maintain the family relationships where possible.

Myriad issues can arise in these cases, such as conflicts of interest for trustees and beneficiaries, potential exposure and conflicts with attorneys and former attorneys of the estate and other interested parties, and issues concerning minors and unrepresented or incapacitated parties.

Relevant Experience

We represented a common law spouse in a lawsuit after the children of her deceased husband claimed that she had no valid interest in the community estate. After litigation the estate agreed to pay more than $1.5 million to our client.

We also represented the prospective buyer of multi-million-dollar Hill County ranch. The seller passed away before the transaction could close. A dispute arose between the heirs of the seller. We shepherded the sale through probate court, which required in large part resolving the decades-long dispute between the heirs. The sale ultimately closed on terms even better than originally agreed.