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Non-compete And Trade Secret Litigation

noncompete trade secret litigation

We represent entities and individuals in cases involving non-compete agreements, both to enforce them against former employees and the entities with whom they may now be working, as well as defending individuals and entities against enforcement. We also represent entities and individuals in disputes involving trade secrets and proprietary information and technologies.

Relevant Experience

We represented an oil & gas company against a competitor formed by our client’s former employees. The competitor began competing against our client using proprietary pricing information and solicited our client’s former customers. We filed suit, and after substantial discovery, including extensive discovery of third parties, we created a model that proved that the competitor was using our client’s proprietary information. The competitor agreed to an agreed order preventing contact with our client’s customers and subsequently went out of business.

We also successfully defended a client in Federal Court on claims of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and theft of trade secrets. After engaging in substantial discovery, it was discovered that one of the plaintiff’s minority partners was a Texas resident, which destroyed diversity jurisdiction. The case was dismissed by the judge, and after additional information was brought to the plaintiffs’ attention, they dropped further efforts to recover the $4 million that they had sought.

We represented a Dallas-area packaging company in a dispute alleging that they had hired an employee of a competitor subject to a non-compete agreement. We established that the non-compete was unenforceable, and the employee continued in her position with our client.