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Family Law Litigation

family law litigation

We represent individuals involved in litigation and proceedings ancillary to divorce and in post-divorce proceedings. Our involvement varies depending on the nature of the dispute, but normally revolves around assets and business interests of the marital estate in the possession or control of one spouse that are improperly valued or undisclosed entirely. Our unique and comprehensive approach to asset location, valuation, and forensic discovery and accounting is invaluable to clients as well as co-counsel that need to augment their usual family law practices with commercial litigation specialists familiar with the strategies and tactics of less than forthright or overly aggressive individuals and their representatives.

Relevant Experience

We represented a former spouse in multiple cases in which her husband failed to identify valuable assets of the marital estate and also undervalued those assets which he did disclose. After almost eighteen months of discovery and negotiations the matter settled for over $4.3 million.

We also represented a common law spouse in a lawsuit after the children of her former husband claimed that she had no valid interest in the community estate. After litigation the estate agreed to pay over $1.5 million to our client.