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Eminent Domain Litigation

eminent domain litigation

We represent individuals and entities in litigation concerning condemnation of real property and business interests by federal, state and local governments. We combine intimate knowledge of the procedures of eminent domain litigation along with our own valuation and proprietary data models to set the stage for successful negotiations or trial of condemnation disputes.

Relevant Experience

We represented two property owners with a unique parcel of real property who received notice that their property was being condemned to make way for flood control. The county valued the property at $600,000. Negotiations were unsuccessful, and the county filed suit. We eventually settled with the county for $800,000, but only if the county agreed to allow the property owners to retain possession of 90% of the property. Subsequently, we negotiated the sale of another 20% of the property to the county for an additional $125,000. We then negotiated the lease of a portion of the property to a different entity for an additional $100,000. The taxpayer received over $1 million and maintained ownership of almost 70% of the property.