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Business Reorganizations & Restructuring


We handle cases for companies and their owners, directors, officers, members, or other insiders when their businesses are facing financial threats or when these individuals themselves need advice on their fiduciary duties or how to handle operational difficulties.

We take into account every aspect of the business, including the firm's operations, real estate and proprietary, confidential, and intellectual property assets, liabilities, including bond debt, secured creditors, environmental claims of state and federal governmental entities, tax claims and tax liens. We will explore all of your options, including decisions on whether to keep the business operating long term or short term pending a sale or a merger or acquisition. We understand that countless factors are involved in a restructuring transaction, and we will coordinate with other law firms, your CPA or accountant experienced in turnaround or reorganization events, investment bankers and other lenders, and our own in-house forensic accountants to accomplish this goal. We have over 50 combined years of experience handling a wide range of distressed business situations.

Relevant Experience

We represented the parent company of Texas Land & Cattle and Lonestar Steakhouse and Saloon, a restaurant group with annual revenue of over $100 million in a complex case involving over 100 locations, 40 operating entities and multiple levels of bankruptcy and state court litigation. Our team had no accounting data, but instead reverse engineered financials using only materials from third-party sources, which resulted in a comprehensive report comprised of millions of individual transactions. The situation was resolved on terms favorable to our client.

We represented Southwestern Retail Properties, L.P., a secured creditor in a dispute involving a borrower and several third-party claimants, including multiple other lenders, vendors and landlords. After securing a restraining order that prevented interference, we assisted our client in taking possession of the premises and assets, eventually operating the business under authority of the court. After rationalizing operations, our client recovered the full $2.2 million it was owed as well as all attorney fees incurred. We then represented the client in purchasing the assets at auction which resulted in additional profit for the client. Finally, we represented the client in structuring the sale of the business to a strategic buyer for yet further profit.