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Bankruptcy Litigation

bankruptcy litigation

We have extensive experience with bankruptcy litigation, including representation of secured and unsecured creditors, banks and other lenders, debtors, and other parties in claims in bankruptcy court and in state and federal court cases related to bankruptcy matters.

Relevant Experience

We represented the parent company of Texas Land & Cattle and Lonestar Steakhouse and Saloon, a restaurant group with annual revenue of over $100 million in a complex case involving over 100 locations, 40 operating entities and multiple levels of bankruptcy and state court litigation. Our team had no accounting data, but instead reverse engineered financials using only materials from third-party sources, which resulted in a comprehensive report comprised of millions of individual transactions. The situation was resolved on terms favorable to our client.

We also represented AAT Bioquest, Inc. as a creditor in a bankruptcy proceeding involving its competitor. After a California District Court found the competitor liable for patent infringement, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the award of $587,000, which included enhanced damages for willful infringement. The judgment survived multiple motions for new trial and for rehearing. The judgment debtor then filed for bankruptcy in the Texas Western District Bankruptcy Court and objected to AAT’s claim on numerous technical grounds. The objections were all overruled, the competitor’s case was converted to Chapter 7, our client participated in the recovery and the competitor shut its doors.